Fabrication and Analysis of High Flow Rate  Electro-osmotic Pumps as Efficient Propulsion for Small Spacecraft, Poster Session April 2013

Thomas Hansen

Fabrication and Analysis of Pumps as Efficient Propulsion for Small Spacecraft, Poster Session April 2013

Amy Applegate

NJSGC Fellowship student presented Creation of Partially Polarized Light, Poster Session April 2013

Advance Sensor Robotic Movement, NJSGC Poster Session April 2012

Rohit Gupta

Advance Sensor Robotic Movement, NJSGC Poster Session April 2012

Christina Alecci

Christina Alecci

Challenges in the Development of Knee Implants for Space Applications, Poster Session April 2012

NJSGC Poster Session 2012

Student Academic Year Poster Session 2012

Group photo of students who presented posters at Rutgers University on April 27, 2012

Astronaut Dominic L. Gorie participates in a training session in the crew

Astronaut Dominic Gorie

Astronaut Dominic L. Gorie participates in training session in crew compartment trainer in Space Vehicle Mockup Facility

Space Shuttle discovery

Space Shuttle Discovery

Docked space shuttle Discovery photographed by an STS-131 crew member on the International Space Station

International Space Station moves away from the Space Shuttle Atlantis

International Space Station

Backdropped by blackness of space and Earth's horizon, International Space Station moves away from the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

regional meeting 2011

Attendees at Regional Meeting

Mid-Atlantic Region Space Grant Director's Meeting, Princeton, New Jersey, November 2011

oldest recorded supernova

Oldest Recorded SuperNova

Data from four space telescopes created a multi-wavelength view of all that remains of RCW 86.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Director: Haim Baruh, Ph.D.
Phone: 848-445-3680
Email: baruh@jove.rutgers.edu 

Program Coordinator:
Joseph S. Miles
Phone: 201-216-8964
Email: jmiles@stevens.edu 

Project Coordinator:
Aiesha Long
Phone: 848-445-2410
Email: aieshalo@rci.rutgers.edu 

Main Office (and mailing address):
School of Engineering
Room B-134
Rutgers University
98 Brett Road, Piscataway NJ 08854
Phone: 848-445-2410
Fax: 732-445-7067 


Branch Office:
Stevens Institute of Technology
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Burchard Building: B-107
Castle Point on Hudson
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-216-8964 

  • Student Poster Session 2014

    poster session 2013 NJSGC

    Student Poster Session 2014 will be held on April 25 at 1 pm at Rutgers University. Students will show and explain their research projects by presenting their posters. See photos from 2013.

  • 2013 Summer Research Conference


    Students gather at Rutgers to show their research projects as part of 2013 Summer Research Conference.

    More on this event.

  • NJSGC Partakes in Rocket Launch 2013

  • 2013 NYCRI

    Vivek and Tahir

    NYCRI was held August 1, 2013 at City College, in New York City. Students conducted summer research on robotics at Rutgers University and Stevens Institute of Technology.

    View photos and videos.

  • 2012 Regional Meeting

    Ethan and Mark at Regional meeting

    2012 Mid-Atlantic Regional Space Grant Meeting included presentations by Prof. Haim Baruh on annual consortium update and by members of one of New Jersey's programs, the Rock-SAT-C program.  See photos.

  • Mid-Atlantic Region Space Grant Director's Meeting

    Princeton, New Jersey, November 2-4, 2011
    Participants at Nassau Inn in Princeton, New Jersey

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