Please note the following procedures that need to be followed in order to receive payment for an award from NJSGC or in order to be reimbursed for eligible expenses.

NJSGC is not able to write a check to you directly. This is because our NASA funding comes as a grant to the lead institution (Rutgers) and we need to follow all rules associated with making disbursements from a grant.

The first step in receiving an award from NJSGC is to apply to the appropriate announcement or request for proposals (RFP). Please wait for the RFP to be announced before you apply. Under certain circumstances, you can apply to one of our programs directly, without responding to an RFP. Our informal education programs, for example, are in this category. Please contact the director or program coordinator if you have any questions regarding the application process.

Once your application is evaluated and approved, depending on the type of award and the recipients' status (faculty, student, organization) and affiliation, a procedure is set in motion to process your award. The same applies for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

We identify four categories of NJSGC award recipients. The procedure to make an award to each one of these groups is different, as noted below.

  1. Students at the lead institution (Rutgers). Students receiving internships will receive their funding directly from Rutgers, as a check from Rutgers. Rutgers students do not need to fill out any subcontract forms. You just complete the W-9 and NJSGC pledge forms (which will be mailed to you by the NJSGC office). If a student is to be reimbursed for expenses, they must submit to us all receipts.
  2. Students at academic institutions other than Rutgers. The payment method depends on the type of award.
    • If the payments are made directly to students (as in our summer internship for undergraduate students), all these students need to fill out are the W-9 and NJSGC pledge forms.
    • If the payments are made through the academic institution of the students (as in our academic year internship), the students will receive their checks from their home institutions. The university of the students will have to submit to NJSGC a subcontract, as outlined in item 4 below.
    • If a student is to be reimbursed for expenses (such as travel) directly from NJSGC, they must submit to us all receipts.
  3. Faculty and organizations at the lead institution (Rutgers). The award or reimbursement for expenses can be made directly to the recipient by NJSGC in the form of a check from Rutgers, or NJSGC can send the funding to the recipient's academic unit as a journal entry. Note that for NJSGC to process the funding as a journal entry, the academic unit must have made the expenditures beforehand. Please have the administrator of your academic unit or organization contact us to discuss and decide on the method of reimbursement.
  4. Faculty, academic institutions, or organizations not affiliated with Rutgers. This case involves the largest amount of paperwork, as such awards have to be processed as subcontracts to the recipient's institution. Please follow the procedure below in order for us to process your award or reimbursement:
    1. Upon receipt of RFP (or invitation from NJSGC) submit your proposal to NJSGC.
    2. NJSGC will notify you whether or not your proposal is accepted, rejected or if we need more information.
    3. Upon acceptance of your proposal, you will receive notification from us, with the sub award/subcontract template and certification form attached to our notification letter.
    4. Complete the sub award template and certification form and send them back to NJSGC as soon as possible.
    5. Once NJSGC receives your completed documents, we will fill out other necessary forms here and forward all documentation to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at Rutgers.
    6. ORSP will review the paperwork we send them. Once they approve, they will create the official subcontract and email the subcontract document to you for your review and signature(s).
    7. Once you have reviewed and signed the subcontract, you need to send it back to ORSP office. Please do so ASAP.
    8. Upon review, ORSP will notify NJSGC letting us know that they have received your subcontract awards and that the subcontract is approved.
    9. At this point, you may submit invoice(s) to NJSGC for payment.
    10. Once NJSGC receives your invoice, we will go ahead and create the payment in our system.
    11. Check is mailed to you.