The New Jersey Space Grant Consortium fosters research related to space science and technology, aeronautics, space exploration, astronomy and earth science in New Jersey by a series of innovative and noteworthy programs. Our research programs are open to all faculty members in New Jersey, regardless of whether the proposer's institution is a member of NJSGC or not.

Please follow the links below for detailed descriptions of our research programs. Please also note that our higher education programs also involve research and visit our higher education programs, as well. Following is a list of our research programs.

  • Travel Support
  • Travel support is available to students (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty in New Jersey universities to attend scientific conferences and technical meetings.  See travel support application.

  • Research Clusters program
    The Research Clusters program provides funding to research clusters in NJ universities or to junior faculty in STEM. This write-up replaces all previous information that we have on the website about Mini Grants. Faculty in New Jersey universities interested in creating a research cluster in their academic institution should contact the NJSGC Program Office for more information.

  • Minority Graduate Student Development
    Minority Graduate Student Development - Support to N.J. universities for programs to recruit and mentor minority students and encourage them for graduate study.  The RiSE program showcases student participants in this Rutgers News article:
    Rutgers' RiSE Gives Students a Taste of the Scientist's Life - RiSE encourages bright undergrads to pursue graduate studies, especially at Rutgers

  • Community College Research Program
    Community college research program to support students at New Jersey community colleges is starting this year - more information soon.