The New Jersey Space Grant Consortium offers a series of exciting informal education programs for the public. We have planetarium support programs, and we also accept proposals from organizations that provide a fit with NASA Space Grant's informal education guidelines. The programs that we are currently supporting are listed below.


Support is given to various planetariums state-wide.

Lectures by NJSGC Members

Public lectures in aerospace and astronomy by faculty members in NJSGC institutions.

New Informal Education Initiatives

If you have a program that can reach and inspire a large segment of the public, make people aware of the beauty of math and science and the importance of aerospace, we may be able to support it. Interested parties should contact us using the contact information on our home page. Note that our maximum funding for an informal education program is $1,000 and it must have a 100% match. A proposed program must include at least two of the following components:

  1. Supplemental Materials/Handouts: Standards based education materials used to supplement and enrich the experience or activity.
  2. Staffing: Staff/facilitators, trained or qualified in STEM/education fields, working with participants to further enhance their understanding and increase the educational value of the activity.
  3. Content: Educational standards and/or learning objectives used in developing content and/or design and explore topics in-depth.