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The New Jersey Space Grant Consortium has a large number of interesting programs for students attending college or graduate school in New Jersey. From undergraduate fellowships to research activities, Space Grant offers you several opportunities to broaden your horizons, give you experience, and prepare you for a successful career in STEM fields and enter the workforce ready to tackle the challenges of the future. NASA, who provides our funding, is very interested in developing tomorrow's work force.

Some of our programs for students are run in conjunction with a faculty member who acts as advisor or main investigator. You need to contact the advisors to participate in these programs. The NJSGC student programs that you can apply to directly are listed below. Please check this page frequently, to see if there are opportunities that are of interest to you.

Please note that by NASA mandate, only U.S. citizens are eligible for support from the New Jersey Space Grant Consortium. Please also note that NASA requests NJSGC to conduct longitudinal tracking. The award recipients will be asked to pledge to provide NJSGC information of their progress and career selection for a period of ten years after the end of the fellowship. Such information is requested only for statistical purposes, and will be published only in aggregate form-names of recipients will remain confidential. The data will only be shared with NASA.

Name of Program Description Status
Graduate Student Fellowship Up to $7,500 fellowships for graduate students in STEM. Requires match by student's institution. Applications are due in September.
NASA Internships One or two New Jersey undergraduate or graduate students sent to NASA research centers nationwide. You directly apply to NASA. See
Academic Year Fellowship $2,000 fellowships to undergraduate students to conduct research at their home institutions. Administered as block grants to New Jersey universities, who make their own selections. Announcements will be made in early September. Please check with the affiliate representative of your academic institution.
Summer Fellowships for Undergraduate Students 9 week fellowships at $4,500 per student for conducting research at a N.J. university or industry. Student conference at end of summer. See application for Summer 2020
Senior Design Project Support Grants (up to $600) for supplies and materials for senior design projects with NASA related themes. Announcements were made in September 2015.
Climate Change & Robotics Research Initiative Groups consisting of a high school student, a science teacher and a college student work on aerospace projects. This program is administered by NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies-GISS. Applications for Summer 2017 are available at the following website:
Other NASA Opportunities NASA offers several opportunities for students in STEM. These programs are run by NASA and not by NJSGC. See

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