Zachary Wilson of Stockton University
Zachary Wilson
Stockton University

Department of Chemistry, Stockton University Research Mentors: Dr. Pamela Cohn and Dr. Wooseok Ki


As the world progresses, there is rapid increasing energy demand and urgency to cut down on greenhouse gases; renewable and clean energy technology, such as solar, are in demand for a solution. Silicon derivatives of solar cells are currently the most commercially viable option, but other types, such as organic, perovskite, and multijunction , are currently being researched and steadily growing in efficiency. Organic photovoltaics (OPVs) are cost–effective in manufacturing , more durable than other materials , and less difficult to develop films of. One form of organic molecule of particular interest in photovoltaics are organic liquid crystals (OLCs), which present a high amount of order and range of customizability, not only in their macroscopic ordering but also microscopic ordering . Some of the downsides is their current low efficiencies and are sensitivity to impurities in LC phases.