AIAA Rutgers Rocket Propulsion Lab successfully launched their Excalibur II rocket on November 4th, 2023 at Upstate Research Rocketry Group ( Tripoli launch field. The Excalibur II went up reaching an apogee of 1720ft. The rocket experienced a perfect dual deploy separation with both the drogue and main coming out beautifully. Due to the rocket unexpectedly landing in a tree, the launch to 11,000ft was scrapped. However after the determined efforts of the team the entire rocket was successfully recovered from the tree with no damage.

AIAA Rutgers Rocket Propulsion Lab hopes to launch Excalibur II again in the near future to 11,000ft. They are also hard at work on a new two-stage rocket as they continuously push the boundaries of collegiate rocketry. AIAA Rutgers Rocket Propulsion Lab is a student organization funded by the New Jersey Space Grant Association.