LIDAR Robot Competition Award Presentation 2021

LIDAR robot competition award presentation with NJSGC students Victor, David, Jay, Anika and Rachel

During the Spring 2021 semester, Stevens Institute of Technology modified their existing freshman robotics course to include a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) System component. 150 teams of 3 students each collaborated to build an autonomous robot, 3D print a platform to hold ultrasonic sensors, and then program the robot in C++ to avoid 4 obstacles in an arena (which simulated the Stevens campus) and traverse the arena to 4 labeled locations in 120 seconds using LIDAR.  The robots were required to get within 2 inches of the targets.

At the end of the semester all 150 teams compete to achieve the highest score for their robot with the 10 highest teams of 150 to receive a medal and have their robot showcased in the Design 1 laboratory and the Stevens student recruitment office.

See student video:

LIDAR robot competition award presentation with students and Professor Joseph Miles